Partnership Overview

Partnership Overview

SYNLAB UK & Ireland is responsible for the delivery of Synnovis’s day-to-day pathology services, which are at the core of the partnership. Colleagues across SYNLAB, Synnovis and the NHS have worked together to develop plans to achieve the shared vision of developing an integrated, world-leading hub-and-spoke pathology network. Service transformation will be completed by 2025 and will see us build on the strengths and good practice within today’s Synnovis service.

This short e-book (click on the image below), produced prior to partnership go-live on 1 April 2021*, provides an overview of the vision – co-developing a world-leading, integrated pathology network, what this means for people and pathology across south east London, and a timeline of key activities.

*Please note that the partnership’s former name, Viapath, was retained initially and is therefore referenced throughout the e-book. It became Synnovis on 4 October, 2022.

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SYNLAB Peer-2-Peer Lectures by the Future Leaders in Innovation

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You will be aware that a new pathology logistics provider is to support sample collection and delivery and consumables ordering for primary and community care…

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Logistics/Practices Update

Start Dates, Collection Arrangements As announced earlier this year, Global Services Group (GSG) is to become the new laboratory logistics provider for primary care services…

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