Innovation Academy Symposiums

Synnovis’ Innovation Academy was incepted in 2013 to enable our scientists and clinicians to collaborate and share their experiences, knowledge and ideas. As well as talks on innovative solutions to improve pathology services and support patient care, the symposiums also feature the final of Synnovis’ Excellence in Pathology Award abstract competition which celebrates the innovative work being carried out by our band 7 equivalent and below colleagues.

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Create and Share

On Thursday 7 December 2023, Synnovis will hold its tenth Innovation Academy Symposium at the Grocers’ Hall in the City of London. The theme for the day will be ‘Create and Share’ and delegates will hear examples of how our laboratories are trying to overcome health inequalities that are inadvertently introduced by pathology services; about some of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of microorganisms; and about some pioneering initiatives that have the potential to revolutionise pathology services.

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Past Innovation Academy Symposiums

It’s Imagination, not Knowledge

In November 2022, the ninth Innovation Academy symposium took place at the Apothecaries’ Hall . The theme acknowledged that although collectively our knowledge is extensive and valuable, imagination to innovate and do things differently is key to solving the unmet needs of today’s and tomorrow’s patients. Throughout the day, delegates heard examples of unmet clinical needs, biomarker discovery, and translational research delivered by Synnovis to improve patient care.

Stretch and Hol​​​​​​​d Forth

The eight Innovation Academy symposium took place at Skinners’ Hall in December 2018. The theme acknowledged the pressure faced by scientists to continually implement innovative solutions to support patient care. Discussions included mass spectrometry based metabolomics research that arose from a ‘Super Smeller’ who can detect Parkinson’s’ Disease by odour alone, and the use of snake venoms in diagnostic haemostasis.

Threescore and Ten

The seventh Innovation Academy symposium was held at the Drapers’ Hall in December 2017. This symposium focused on the advances made in the provision of healthcare since the founding of the National Health Service 70 years ago and noted the changes in healthcare challenges during this time, with the health service of 2018 facing challenges associated with high rates of obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancers and dementia.

Acquire, Learn, Share, Repeat

The sixth Innovation Academy symposium took place at the Baker’s Hall in December 2016. Discussions focused on recent rapid advances in technology and data science and acknowledged the potential clinical utility of unlocking vast quantities of data as well as the dependency of data’s utility on its successful integration and analysis.

It’s Diagnosis, Not Diagnostics

Taking place at the Armourers’ Hall in December 2015, the fifth Innovation Academy symposium acknowledged the need to constantly strive to improve the quality of pathology services and aimed to serve as a reminder that there is a patient behind every sample and diagnostic test.

Next Generation Diagnostics

The fourth Innovation Academy symposium took place at the Grocers’ Hall in December 2014. This symposium featured presentations on current trends and the latest developments in next generation diagnostics. Topics included the development of next generation sequencing for the diagnosis of intellectual disability and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

 Keeping People Healthy

In June 2014, the third Innovation Academy symposium took place at the Apothecaries’ Hall. This symposium looked at promising healthcare solutions, including new oral anticoagulants, the microbiome’s potential in diagnosis and intervention and plasma lipids in cardiovascular disease risk, and how applying existing knowledge in more integrated and innovative ways can really make a difference to patient care.

Personalised Medicine: Today’s Reality, not just a Promise for Tomorrow

The second Innovation Academy symposium was held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in December 2013. Experts in clinical science presented examples of diagnostics already in use to provide personalised treatment. The talks covered recent developments in therapeutic drug monitoring for emerging therapies, transplantation science, infectious diseases and oncology.

Inaugural Scientific Symposium

To enable our scientists and clinicians to collaborate and share their experiences, knowledge and ideas, the Innovation Academy was incepted in 2013, with the first symposium taking place in June that year. This symposium showcased the innovative approach to laboratory medicine that can be found throughout our organisation. Discussions included child health, keeping people healthy, infectious diseases, and next generation diagnostics.

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