What environmental impact will this building have?

Published: 18th March 2021

Working with our NHS partners, SYNLAB is committed to minimising disruption and inconvenience, and to being a positive presence within our hub locality and improving the lives of people living in South East London.

Friars Bridge Court is a modern structure that meets all standard building regulations, including environmental and sustainability criteria. It will use 100% renewable energy from purely sustainable resources.

We will be looking at ways in which we can be as environmentally friendly as possible in terms of our operations and processes. This includes:

  • Our logistics partner using electric-powered vehicles and cycles to transport samples. These will meet at one of three designated exchange points away from the hub to transfer all collected samples into one vehicle for hub delivery.
  • Reducing the number of pick-up and drop-off journeys at the hub site from around 140 a day to around 30 a day (based on average workflow), as well as reducing the environmental impact from traffic and noise.
  • Inbound deliveries of consumables and supplies during core hours being made to the rear of the building. The hub site will not need any deliveries requiring articulated lorry transportation.
  • The majority of plant and equipment providing air conditioning, heating or refrigeration will be located on the roof area to maximise lab space and reduce noise. Where localised plant is necessary, it will be sized and scaled appropriately to the space – all accommodated in line with the approved development.
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